Lodge Night - MR MIKES Steakhouse Casual

Hungry? Thirsty?

Afraid of getting lost in the woods and mauled by bears?

Have we got a night for you! Come enjoy the fun (and safety) of the great indoors at Lodge Night, every Thursday from 8 till late. Great games, great company. Bring your friends and start having fun like an unchaperoned kid at a birthday party.

bites from just $4

Lodge Chips$4
Fresh Tomato Bruschetta Starter/Shareable$4/$7
Mushroom Bruschetta Starter/Shareable$4/$7
MIKES Spin Dip$8
Stuffed Shrooms$8
Left & Right Wings$9
Crackling Sirloin Bites$9
Crispy Panko Shrimp$8

booze from just $4

Premium Well Brand Highballs (1 oz)$4
Shots (1 oz)$4
Sidecar Caesars (1 oz + 4 oz Beer)$7
Little Doe Wines Red & White (6 oz)$5
Steins of Antler Ale & Big Horn Lager (22 oz)$6