No Secret Handshake Required

Many places have lounges. Even more have sports bars. Nobody has an urbanLODGE.  Not since the Flintstones has there been a Lodge that creates an atmosphere with as much character and personality as our MR MIKES urbanLODGE.  Fuelled by our signature Antler Ales, Classic Cocktails and Little Doe House Wines, the urbanLODGE is an odd mash-up between a sophisticated watering hole and off-kilter Legion. It’s an adult recreation room that induces people to engage with each other and those around them.

Best of all, Thursday is Lodge Night.  No secret handshakes. No initiations. No weird hats.  Just delicious food, cold bevvies and great value Happier Hour Bites 'N Booze Specials Thursdays after 8pm.  

There's a signature beverage waiting for you.

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