Oct 16, 2017

Our refreshing new drink menu is here…because there’s more to life than beer!

Enjoy one of our new SociaBowls like the Apple Cinnamon ‘Sangria’ made with Strongbow Cider, Fireball, cranberry juice, Sprite and red wine with a five spice rum. The SociaBowls are perfect for 2-4 people to enjoy together while playing a game. Also perfect for not caring who wins when you’ve finished!


If you’re feeling cool you can sip on The Skinny Hendrix…a blend of Hendricks Gin, fresh mint, cucumber, soda, and lime. Talk about refreshing!


Feeling adventurous? You can go for one of our cocktails with a twist. Try the Royal Gala made with Sour Puss Apple, Crown Royal Apple, topped up with ginger ale and garnished with an apple slice. The secret? It’s created by a team member at MR MIKES Kamloops!


If you’re feeling peachy you can enjoy the Peaches & Cream created by MR MIKES Regina Eastgate! Made with Absolut Apeach Vodka, Galliano, fresh lemon & lime juice, soda and garnished with mango and an orange slice. YUM!


Or if you want to stick to your Canadian roots you can go for The All Canadian Caesar. Crown Royal Whiskey, maple syrup, Mott’s Clamato juice, Tabasco, Worcestershire and fresh lime juice. Garnished with a celery stick, Montreal Smoked Meat and a lemon wedge in a sweet & spicy salt-rimmed glass. A little spicy, a little sweet, just like us… And now all our Sidecar Caesars come with a mini stein of Big Horn Lager…HAIL YES!!


The new drink menu launches October 16th so hurry in to try our new concoctions! In the meantime you can explore the full bar menu here.

If having a bunch of new delicious drinks to sip isn’t enough for you we also made the best day of the week even better…you guessed it…Lodge Night! Now on Thursdays after 8pm we will be featuring more drink offerings to keep you refreshed, and if you want to grab a bite to eat we also have 10 of your favourite appetizers on special. We’re making Thursday the new Friday…what can we say…we like to be different like that. 

See you soon at MR MIKES. 

Category: Food & Drink